December 2017

Google is one of the most popular sites where shoppers are searching for products, whether it is on smartphones, tablets or desktops.  In fact, merchants should use Google product listing ads (PLAs) to further build brand awareness and show customers products they may not have found elsewhere.

Product listing ads are an important part to the overall shopping experience. Product listing ads provide retailers another opportunity to get in front of the customer when they’re searching for a specific product.

Link Walls, Vice President of Product Management of ChannelAdvisor, said Google product listing ads feature a single product showing product information such as an image, price, title as part of an ad.  These ads typically display in an ad unit of six to eight product listing ads on a Google search results page.

“Over the last three years, Google has directed more and more traffic to this format given the positive response consumers have shown,” said Walls. “Putting a product image in front of the consumer rather than just text drives a greater level of engagement with the ad and ultimately more clicks.”

In May, product listing ads were added to image search as part of the Google search network.  However, most digital marketers are having a hard time determining the best strategy for their products. Product listing ads are growing in popularity, making Google the channel of choice for retailers and brands to reach consumers across any device.

Google also provided a  “with special offers” filter option that appears in a product card unit.  For single product listing ads link to a landing page on Google Shopping that is formatted like an expanded version of a typical product card unit.

Earlier this month, Google made a change to where its product listing ads are showing up at the top of the search results in a carousel format for desktop.  This is being made possible in the U.S. and is expected to go international as well.