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About Search Features

Google Search can enable a rich set of features for your page in search results if it understands the content of the page and, in some circumstances, if you explicitly provide additional information in the page code using structured data. These features fall into two general categories:

  • Content type: Many search features are tied to the topic of your page. For example, if the page has a recipe or a news article, or contains information about an event or a book. Google Search results can then apply content-specific features such as making your page eligible to appear in a top news stories carousel, a recipe carousel, or an events list.
  • Enhancements: These are features that, can be applied to more than one kind of content type. For example, providing review stars for a recipe or movie, or exposing a carousel of rich results (previously known as rich cards).

There is no guarantee that your page will appear in Search results with the specified feature. This is because search features depend on many factors, including the search device type, location, and whether Google thinks the feature would provide the best search experience for the user.

Google Search has a few general types of search result categories. Most features apply to specific categories.