Parallax Scrolling

We build parallax scrolling websites as well as traditional multi-page designs or whatever it is that you require. We love and recommend parallax scrolling but it is not the right fit for everyone. 

Parallax websites are on the increase, and for good reason –

WHAT IS PARALLAX WEB DESIGN? Put simply, parallax is a way of creating a visual effect whereby an image that is closer appears to be moving at a different speed to an image that’s further away. This is usually achieved through layering of images. It works from a design perspective because it creates a sensation of depth and dimension.

Lots of big brands are now moving to parallax, but in the industry Nike is recognized as one of the first with its ‘Better World’ campaign’. Parallax websites can be stunning. The fact that you can present your site visitor with a stunning image and/or background colour and work it across their entire screen creates immediate visual impact.

There’s greater scope for the use of movement on the screen, helping you draw your reader’s attention. And who could resist the temptation to scroll, given the right image or message to move your visitors around the site?

Let us build a parallax scrolling website for your company. Call us: 604 726 4488.